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[导读]:  煤泥烘干机是不同种类的煤泥烘干设备,设备类型多样,不同类型的煤泥干燥煤泥的适应性也不同,只有选择不同类型的煤泥烘干机根据煤泥的类...
  Slime dryers are different types of slime dryers, with various types of equipment and different adaptability of different types of slime dryers. Only different types of slime dryers are selected to realize the maximum benefit according to the type of slime. Common types of slime dryers can dry coal, including the following:
  1. 选煤厂浮选尾矿在国外普遍被认为是一种废弃物,其性质与洗涤煤矸石或中煤相似。以平顶山煤泥为例。另一种是煤泥沉淀池或尾矿田。根据固体颗粒在水中自然沉淀的原理,完成了固液分离产生的黏液。由于煤质的不同,浮选煤泥的质量差异较大。黏液干燥机可以干燥这样的黏液。
  1. Flotation tailings of coal preparation plant are generally regarded as a kind of waste in foreign countries, and their properties are similar to washing gangue or medium coal. Take Pingdingshan coal slime as an example. The other is slime settling tank or tailing field. According to the principle of natural precipitation of solid particles in water, the mucus produced by solid-liquid separation is completed. Because of the different quality of coal, the quality of flotation slime is different. The slime dryer can dry such slime.
  2. Coal water mixture produces slime coal, walking hydraulic slime and coal from steam coal washing and other coal washing plants. After the slime coal, walking hydraulic slime and coal are output, the slime quality is higher than that of raw coal. The number of young people is usually in the recovery process based on coal mixing to finished products and slime. The physical properties of slime are different, such as the average distribution of particle recovery slime filter press ratio, weak matching of viscosity and water property, reducing water content, and functional classification of the process, The coarse particles precipitate mainly at the entrance of slime water, the particles are in the middle, the very particles are the last, the quantity is large, only a few are doped, a small amount can produce high-quality slime, in addition to proper disposal, but also has adverse effects on the economic benefits of the coal mine, the end of slime has high viscosity and water retention rate, so it needs to be dried by the slime dryer, and the slime dryer can also feed the slime It has high thermal efficiency.
  3. Slime in mine drainage and Coal Gangue Mountain water washing slime these slime collect dirty coal slime, which is characterized by not much and unshakable quality, but the quality of common flotation tail coal is better, and slime dryer can also dry slime.
  All three kinds of mucus can be dried by different types of mucus dryers. Different types of slime dryer, three or two cylinders, high thermal efficiency, good drying effect, welcome users to consult the price of slime dryer for free.

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