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[导读]:  煤气炉正常使用,其操作状态是一种相对稳定的形式,整个设备的温度以及燃烧效率可以充分利用的,除此之外,每个人的操作设备,更加关注正常...
  The gas furnace is in normal use, and its operation state is a relatively stable form. The temperature and combustion efficiency of the whole equipment can be fully utilized. In addition, everyone's operation of the equipment pays more attention to the normal operation signs. Let me show you below.
  (1) The tuyere of gas hot blast stove is bright, coke is active, there is no raw material or slag in front of the tuyere, and the tuyere is less damaged;
  The furnace temperature is sufficient, the slag flows well, the slag does not carry iron, the slag trench does not form thick shell, and the slag mouth burns less;
  (3) The molten iron is white and bright, with high physical heat and relatively stable composition;
  (4) The top temperature fluctuates regularly;
  (5) The air pressure is stable, the air volume fluctuates slightly, the curve is round, the permeability index changes smoothly, and there is no sawtooth;
  (6) The top pressure is stable and the peaks are not frequent;
  (7) The feeding of gas hot blast stove is uniform, no stagnation, no collapse, no fast and slow phenomenon, the double scale is basically the same, the material scale curve is neat, and the inclination angle is stable;
  (8) The CO2 curve of the furnace throat is close to the symmetrical double peak shape, the peak valley is relatively open, the peak is at 2 or 3 points; the edge is close to or slightly higher than the value, and the average value of CO2% is higher.
  (9) Furnace temperature, body temperature and bottom temperature have little change;
  (10) The temperature difference of cooling water in furnace throat, furnace waist and furnace body meets the requirements.
  The above is the analysis of normal gas furnace conditions. When using the heating equipment, you must pay attention to the correct equipment operation method to ensure that the furnace conditions can meet the requirements of use, and some processing signs reflect the use of the equipment. You can pay more attention to the daily use process.

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