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[导读]:  矿渣干燥机是用来干燥矿物设备的,有些客户在使用矿渣干燥机时,由于各种原因,会造成干燥效果不好,而且会影响生产效率,所以针对这个...
  Slag dryer is used to dry mineral equipment. When some customers use slag dryer, due to various reasons, it will cause poor drying effect and affect production efficiency, so for this problem, today's editor will give you a brief introduction.
  First of all, different slags in different areas contain moisture. Therefore, when using slag drying, if the moisture content of the material is high, it is not allowed to operate according to the daily drying time. If the material is dried according to the original time, it is suitable for the drying requirements. Here, the small editor reminds the customer that before entering the slag dryer, the material can be dehydrated first or the drying time can be postponed.
  If the operator's operation is improper, the drying effect of dry slag will be poor. For some unskilled operators, the equipment temperature control is not in place, and the speed regulation is uncertain, which will lead to the drying effect of materials. In this case, it is necessary to combine with production and train operators.
  In fact, there are many other reasons for poor performance due to the operation of slag dryer, such as leakage of equipment oil cylinder, inadequate self inspection, no steel cylinder weld was found during purchase, which will lead to cylinder deformation and lack of welding for a long time.
  For the slag dryer, operators need to regularly check whether there is leakage in the equipment. If there is leakage, it needs to be replaced or repaired in time. At the same time, the manufacturer is required to recalculate the air pressure and provide design changes according to the actual situation.
  When using the slag dryer, the customer needs to pay attention to the output of humidity, water and materials, determine the operation level of the operator, and check whether the equipment leaks. If any problem is found, the only way to deal with it is to use this method to ensure the normal use of the equipment.
  In short, only in the details of the impact on the slag dryer, to ensure the drying efficiency of the slag dryer.

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