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[导读]:  我国河流众多,沙子可以说是非常方便的,同时沙子在建筑行业的应用也非常广泛,经过处理后可以用于不同的行业,但仅仅是取砂就需要进行...
  There are many rivers in our country, so sand is very convenient. At the same time, sand is widely used in the construction industry. After treatment, it can be used in different industries, but only for sand taking, it needs to be treated. The emergence of sand dryer solves the problem of sand drying.
  Therefore, the dryer of many manufacturers in the market has different functions and different quality. Some customers often fail to achieve the expected effect after purchasing the dryer and sand collection equipment. It is recommended that the customer check the dryer before use after purchasing it.
  First of all, the dryer is sent to the production site by the manufacturer, so the customer needs to regularly check whether the dryer enters the dryer, whether the equipment you purchased is damaged during transportation, whether it can be used normally, and if there is any problem, you need to contact the manufacturer in time.
  When there is no problem with the dry sand machine, in order to determine the installation position of the dry sand machine, the installation position of the dry sand machine shall consider the transportation channel, raw material flow, water flow and downcomer position. The dry sand machine shall be installed beside the auxiliary dehydrator and drying equipment, so as to shorten the distance between the equipment as far as possible and prevent the subsequent failure caused by the location problem.
  The sand dryer belongs to larger size equipment, so the sand dryer should be installed on a more solid foundation. At the same time, it needs to be kept level to prevent the location and installation position from causing large vibration due to uneven foundation and equipment, thus affecting the service life of the dryer.
  When installing the sand dryer, refer to the operation method of the sand dryer in the manual, and connect the power interface on the cabinet door of the electric control cabinet of the dryer according to the relevant contents of the sand dryer manual. It should be noted that the sand dryer is used with 380V power supply, and it is forbidden to contact low or high pressure.
  The above is about the sand dryer, more information can continue to pay attention to us:

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