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[导读]:  任何机械在使用中都要注意保养,以延长其使用寿命。水暖式热风炉也没有列在外面,热风炉厂家为大家讲解水暖式热风炉维护的重要性和小技...
  Any machine should be maintained in use to extend its service life. The hot blast stove with water heating is not listed outside. The hot blast stove manufacturer explains the importance and skills of the maintenance of the hot blast stove with water heating.
  After a period of driving, there is a layer of foreign matters and dust on the surface of the heating water tank of the hot air stove. If it is not removed, it will affect the heat dissipation. After long-term operation of the blower motor, the hot air stove with water shall be maintained and replaced. This operation process must be judged and maintained by professional personnel. Unauthorized disassembly of the motor is not allowed, which is easy to cause short circuit and motor failure. The ventilation pipe of the motor cannot be removed, which is easy to cause overheating and burning of the motor. The variable-speed resistance will make the motor block, such as one or two blocks used for a long time, which is easy to burn the resistance and affect the normal use. If this problem is found, it should be replaced in time. After a long time of using the operating system, the operation cable that is easy to be aged and deformed makes the operation not flexible or in place, not easy to move and avoid damaging parts. If this problem is found, it shall be judged at the maintenance station, and the hot blast stove shall be repaired and replaced according to the specific situation. Vent 1, No. 2. The rubber tube of the heating furnace is easy to be aged and cracked due to its long service time under high temperature. If any problem is found, it shall be replaced in time to avoid water leakage, resulting in high water temperature and deformation of the engine cylinder head. Replace the rubber hose with the matched Xiali truck rubber hose. The inferior rubber hose is not corrosion resistant.
  Attention shall be paid to the following points when using the equipment: when the temperature in winter is lower than 0 ℃, there will be a layer of ice and frost on the windshield. Start the engine. When the water temperature rises above 40 ℃, place the control in the defrost position and the circulation in the indoor circulation position according to the instructions. Turn on the blower motor and place it in the third gear position. At this time, the motor speed is the highest and can run for 3-5 minutes. During this period, the driver is advised not to leave the cab. If it is found that the motor does not rotate, the motor shall be put back to the closed position immediately to avoid burning the variable speed resistance.

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