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[导读]:  众所周知,任何工业设备在使用过程中都会造成一定程度的污染,但这些污染可以通过特殊设备减少到少量。一些制造商一直说他们的设备是纯...
  As we all know, any industrial equipment will cause a certain degree of pollution in the use process, but these pollution can be reduced to a small amount through special equipment. Some manufacturers have always said that their equipment is pure green and pollution-free, which is unscientific. How to reduce all kinds of pollution problems in the drying process when the new mud dryer works.
  In the process of drying, the new type of coal slurry dryer will inevitably produce other air pollution. Due to the low moisture content of the mucus in the later stage of drying, some mucus particles may be released into the atmosphere with the air medium. In addition, the drying temperature of the new mud dryer is very high, so it is inevitable to burn coal in the later stage. Therefore, it is necessary to install the dust removal device and exhaust absorption device at the exhaust port of the new type of slime dryer.
  Mucus contains many chemicals, such as SS and CODcr. In the process of heating and drying, it inevitably reacts with water to form various toxic gases. It can be said that toxic gases are extremely harmful to operators, so they are new. The new type of slime dryer shall be equipped with filtering device to prevent toxic gas from leaking into the surrounding air and polluting the environment.
  First of all, due to the different coal age and geographical environment, there are obvious differences in hardness, moisture content, ash and other physical and chemical properties. As a result, the slime content in different parts of the coal mining process of water is different, so the temperature, air volume and other technical parameters adopted by the slime dryer can not meet the requirements of multi site slime drying, so as to know the installation location, so that our technicians can design according to the local slime function, to ensure the equipment production, drying efficiency and slime drying effect.
  The development of the new type of slime dryer is not smooth and difficult. However, over the years, we have overcome these problems and gained the support of market development. Then we support the development of the market in different situations. Choose the development plan according to the actual situation, so that we can accumulate more experience, have more market opportunities in the market, launch more drying capacity and skills, and gradually mature. In the market, we also have more and more development functions. At the same time, the all-round development direction, not afraid of being abandoned by the market, will improve the reputation and competitiveness of enterprises.

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