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[导读]:  一般来说,干燥机对于物料的干燥过程一般取决于物料的性能和干燥特性,前四个要素,与干燥机厂家一起来看。  Generally speaking, ...
  Generally speaking, the drying process of the dryer for materials generally depends on the performance and drying characteristics of the materials. The first four elements are viewed together with the dryer manufacturer.
  (1) Material shape
  The shape of the material can be said to be the primary factor to consider the demand. For the shape of wood, ceramic products and sheet, fiber, particle, fine powder and other paste paste and liquid based materials, they are all industrial demand for dry materials.
  (2) Various physical properties of materials
  The physical properties of the material include density, bulk density, particle size distribution, concave convex adhesion of the hot-melt material. The operation of the material and some forms of dryer have a great impact, when the adhesion is serious, the drying process cannot be carried out.
  (3) Characteristics of materials in drying process
  It contains sensitivity to heat. Some materials are deteriorated after thermal decomposition. In addition, the shrinkage of the material in the drying process will make the formed product crack or deform, and make the product quality even waste.
  (4) Combination state of material and water
  It feels that the difficulty of drying, the level of energy consumption and the length of stay in the dryer have a lot to do with selection. For example, for materials that are difficult to dry, it is important to give longer periods of time, rather than to strengthen external drying conditions.

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