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[导读]:我们说过滚筒式木材烘干机工作原理。今天我们再了解烘干机设备家族中的另个一非常重要的成员——气流烘干机的工作原理。We talked about...
We talked about the working principle of the drum type wood dryer. Today we will learn about the working principle of air dryer, another very important member of the dryer equipment family.
Let's start with the classification of air dryer:
Air dryer can be divided into three types: straight tube type, cyclone type and pulse type.
Straight tube air dryer
The straight pipe type is to directly add the wet material into the vertical pipe. Air enters the fin heater through the blower. When a certain temperature is reached, it is fed into a vertical tube. The velocity in the tube depends on the size and density of particles. The dried raw materials are taken out of the dryer by air flow and sent to two parallel separators. After separation by the separators, they are sent to the screw conveyor for transmission, and the generated tail gas is discharged through the bag filter.
Cyclone dryer
The principle of the cyclone dryer is that hot air flow carries the dried granular materials. It enters into the cyclone dryer in the direction of tangent line and produces rotation movement along the hot wall, in which the material is suspended and rotated all the time. This completes the drying. When the granular materials collide with the hot wall, the phenomenon of comminution will also occur. Thus increasing the surface area of the material in contact with hot air. So as to produce better drying effect.
Pulse dryer
Pulse dryer is used to reduce and expand the diameter of the circulation. The relative velocity and heat transfer area between the gas flow and the particles are large, so that the heat and mass transfer rate is enhanced. In addition, the air flow speed in the expanding tube is greatly reduced, and the drying time is correspondingly increased.

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